Jendog teaching Stanford students and faculty her Hip Hop Lyricism Workshop.

Education & Hip Hop

(above photo:  Jendog teaching Stanford University students and faculty her Hip Hop Lyricism Workshop.)

Jendog Lonewolf has facilitated Hip Hop 101:  Lyricism workshops at leading educational institutions such as Stanford University, Oberlin College, University of Michigan, as well as several high schools and youth centers.  She mentors many neighborhood youth as well as youth “anywhere she goes and any chance she gets”.

Jendog Lonewolf Teaching Stanford University Students
Jendog Lonewolf teaching Stanford University students and faculty.

Hip Hop 101:  Lyricism participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of writing Hip Hop lyrics from Brooklyn native, Jendog Lonewolf.  She facilitates this fun and affirming workshop, which not only introduces participants to the basic history, the essence, and the five elements of Hip Hop Culture– but also has every workshop participant rhyming and/or freestyling by the end!   Jendog explains the basic structure of a Hip Hop song, shares her approach to MC’ing, and facilitates students to write their own rhymes, even those who say there is no way they could.

 “Intro to Hip Hop 101: Lyricism” Workshop (1.5 hours)

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From the streets of Brooklyn to elite Universities, Jendog Lonewolf uses Hip Hop as a vehicle for inspiration, empowerment, education, and Soul-searching, focusing on youth of all ethnicities/gender identities facing the challenges of teenage angst, negative peer pressure, poverty, homophobia, and other forms of oppression.  Whether they’re Hmong youth from Detroit or LGBT youth in the Bronx, or random kids from random situations, young people want to be understood and respected. They want to feel trusted and protected and she believes, whole-heartedly, that is how we should make them feel.  One message that she leaves with every student is “School is not there to fully educate us; it’s up to us to fully educate ourselves.”  A few of the changes Jendog encourages youth to make are to:

  • Start reading the dictionary and make it a part of their regular routine
  • Learn everything everywhere (one of the many invaluable lessons from her Mom)
  • Document Life (start keeping a dream journal and/or start taking photos of your world)
  • Learn learning outside of the box…“it’s so dope!”

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