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My name is Jendog Lonewolf and I am Hip Hop.  I am one of the many voices of Hip Hop Culture.  I sing for Movement, I sing for Social Justice, I sing for Equality, I sing for the Youth, I sing for Soul Saving, and I sing as a Universal Ghetto Ambassador.  I sing to bridge gaps, to enlighten, to break stereotypes, to empower, to have fun, to learn, to teach, to heal broken hearts, to repair broken minds, and to open paths.  I believe, whole-heartedly, in “paying it forward” and in being fair; two things that could actually save the world.

The state of mainstream Hip Hop has failed to make way for unique, creative voices upholding the true essence of the music and the culture of Hip Hop.  I would like to continue to spread Love, with a soundtrack…in the form of my first solo album, produced by my favorite Venetian, Giorgio “GP From Venice” Poli.  I am lyrically-strong and my beats are melodically delicious, waiting for aural consumption!

Reach out to me if you (or someone you know) would like to book a real dope, thorough, intelligent, stage-worthy, personable, outspoken, photgraphically-gifted, truthful, and lyrically-endowed MC by emailing me: or you can fill out the form below.  In addition to my own shows/songs, I perform with YaliniDream, the social justice movement’s favorite Sri Lankan Performance Artist/Poet.  We creatively blend our delightfully informative styles of Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Dance, and Performance Art as DreamWolf, traveling across land, sea, and the Ether, delivering thought-provoking, mind-opening stories and performances, uniting, informing, and encouraging, one stage at a time.

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~~~>time is of the essence<~~~

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