No Redd!

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Jendog Lonewolf’s “No REDD” video, in conjunction with Indigenous Rising and the Indigenous Environmental Network critiques the UN’s REDD program that works as a poison pretending to be cure– destroying the biodiversity, forests, and local economies it feigns to protect.

Through carbon credits, the program allows corporations to pollute even more while land grabbing and violently keeping Indigenous Peoples from their lands.

In solidarity with all those marching for #‎EnvironmentalJustice and #‎Demilitarization and #‎EconomicJustice and to #‎EndPoliceBrutality and for #‎FoodJustice and for #‎PrisonAbolition and to #‎DecriminalizeMarijuana and to stop #‎BenignNeglect of our Black/Latino communities and to end the seemingly never-ending #‎RealEstateViolence against our Peoples everywhere.

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