Brooklyn Dreamwolf in London!

YaliniDream & Jendog Lonewolf (aka Brooklyn Dreamwolf)

headerback2a Monday, 07December2015 @ 6:00 PM  London, England 

(Doors open at 5:00 PM)

Brooklyn DreamWolf is thrilled to be performing "ABOVE STREET LEVEL" at Open School East in London (UK).  
(Event Hosted By One Of Our Favorite Sri Lankan Tamil Artistic Intellectuals, Hari) 

Above Street Level at Open School East

An evening presentation of performances from Hip Hop MC Jendog Lonewolf and the award-winning performer/Artist/Poet YaliniDream. Through their collaboration, Above Street Level, Brooklyn DreamWolf creatively reports stories from their respective experiences, demonstrating a politic of pluralism and solidarity through creative practice(s). They take the audience through heart-touching and thought-provoking stories, poems, and rhymes that delicately and unapologetically intersect class, race, gender, and sexuality. Their aesthetic, a masterful mashup of Hip Hop, theater, spoken word poetry, dance, and song, emerges from the energies of multiple Diasporas in collision. Using a de-colonial lens, Brooklyn DreamWolf travels through the stories, navigating and subverting community homophobia, gendered norms, the legacy of war, inter-generational traumas, violence within communities, and survival. The work takes underground aesthetics and stories that are often marginalized or closeted and brings them ‘Above Street Level’.
                                                       *Admission Free*

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Jendog Lonewolf

I am Jendog Lonewolf from Bushwick, Brooklyn and I am one of the many voices of Hip Hop Culture. I sing for the Youth, Social Justice, Equality, and for The Movement. I sing as Universal Ghetto Ambassador, I sing for Soul Saving. I sing to bridge gaps, to enlighten, to break stereotypes, to empower, to have fun, to learn, to teach, to heal broken hearts, to repair broken minds, and to open paths.